Non-Fiction Books for Middle Grade Students

Is your child in middle grade? Would you like to change up some of the books that there are reading to a new interesting genre? If so, then this article might help you out. Many parents maintain a monotony when it comes to buying their children books. However, in this article, we shall introduce to you a book genre known as non-fiction narratives. Switching in between fiction books and these books removes the monotony of reading and arouses your child’s reading interest. We shall cover the meaning of Non-fiction narratives plus some fascinating books for your middle grader child in this article.

Non-Fiction Narratives

Non-fiction narrative books are information-related books which are written in a story-like engaging format. Great non-fiction narrative books are well researched, plus they entail a lot of source notes, for example:

  1. An index
  2. Bibliography
  3. Authentic photographs which validate the work of the author

Hence without further ado, let us dive into these fantastic books.

Bomb: The race to build and steal the world’s most dangerous weapon

The race to build and steal the world’s most dangerous weapon is a grand thriller narrative. Its narrative revolves around a race to create the first-ever atomic bomb. Spies and scientists from the entire world work greatly and stealthily to try and achieve this feat. The country to build this bomb first would hold the most powerful weapon in the whole wide world.

The story has a great unfolding and clearly defines factors such as weapons, humanity, and war.

Due to its fascinating content, the book has achieved great things too and is regarded as a paced, historical story. Hence if you wish to take reading up a notch, then this would be a great book to use.

Amelia Lost: The life and disappearance of Amelia Earhart

Candace Flemings wrote the book. The book has two sides to it:

  1. It comes out as a dramatic and true mystery narrative centered on the missing Amelia Fleming, who disappears from a flight.
  2. The second side is the biography of aviatrix

The book contains additional contents such as:

  1. Numerous photographs
  2. News reports
  3. Memorabilia

All this information adds up to a 118 pages narrative that is just exceptional. The book is sure to interest your middle grader child greatly.

Moonbird: A Year on the Wind With the Great Survivor B95 by Philip Hoose

Have you ever heard about the B95? Well, for one, it is a great athlete. It is a bird, a shorebird to be precise, that was banded first by a scientist on a Patagonian beach back in 1995. The birds travel long distances. A B95 bird has covered enough miles as per migration between the Arctic in Northern Canada and South American tip to have journeyed up to the actual moon and then back.

Conservationist and author Hoose Philip narrates the BN95’s story. The narrative entails the struggle that the bird encounters, how it survives and how it still exists even as other shorebirds become extinct.

Claudette Colvin: Twice Towards Justice

Author Philip Hoose wrote the book, Claudette Colvin. The story is pretty motivational and is based upon injustice that occurs day in day out. Philip brings out how racial and age discrimination is not good and highlight reasons why. In the modern world, this book comes in handy for any child.


Non-fictional books draw out information mostly from reality. Hence the knowledge gained is not just for fun, but it is also applicable. We thus hope that this article has helped you find the right book for your child.

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