Children’s Books That Make Great Graduation Gifts

No matter how old you are, life is full of changes. The one time that the idea of change is least welcomed is during high school graduation. Kids will be excited to put on their cap and gown and start a new chapter in their lives. Parents may feel reflective about the years they have invested in helping their children get ready for this time in their life.

That’s why we created this list of great children’s books that make perfect high school graduation gifts, complete with a brief description for each title. These are books that are good for both the student and the parent.

Pete the Cat’s Groovy Guide to Life

Pete the Cat is once again to the rescue with his groovy attitude and upbeat personality. This time he’s getting his family ready for all the changes happening over the summer. The book features illustrated “where-to” pictures so kids can follow along as Pete helps his family pack for camp, summer school, visits, and many other events.

Oh, the Places You’ll Go

This book is a must-have graduation gift for students as they head off to college or for the first time living on their own. It’s a good reminder of how far each new step will take them. Dr. Seuss points out how much this journey will change them and advises tackling the tough times.

I Wish You More

The kids in this book don’t want to go to school, but they want to get a guitar. They aren’t angry or angry about not getting a guitar. It’s just that they want one so bad and wish so much they could have one. Ultimately, they realize that life is better when you’re happy and that happiness comes from getting what you want.

Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons

A well-known phrase about life is that “it’s not the destination that matters, it’s the journey.” This book reaffirms that idea, especially when Pete gets his buttons stuck. He’s worried about getting them unstuck and losing them forever.

If You Hold a Seed

This book is another excellent book that is perfect for the graduating student, about how to be thankful for the little things in life. It’s a great way to teach kids how important it is to appreciate what they have and not take things for granted.

Only One You

Although there’s a lot of change around this family, the one thing that doesn’t change is the love they have for their son. It is a great reminder not to take the family for granted and to cherish them.

Henry Hikes to Fitchburg

Henry and his family travel across the country to visit their new home, but they must walk from Maine to Massachusetts. It takes them a long time, but it’s a good lesson for kids that sometimes you can take a long way to get where you want to be.


Whether you’re looking for just one book or a whole bunch of them, we’ve got you covered with some great children’s books that will make great graduation gifts. If you have any other ideas on what makes a great graduation gift, the list above will help you out.

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